Zomentum raises $4.1M from Accel and SAIF Partners.

Zomentum is a SaaS- based starup founded in 2018 by Shruti Ghatge and Rahil Shah. It is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Raleigh and Bengaluru. The startup caters an all-in-one solution with various product modules that enables IT channel partners to grow their business, add new customers, connect the dots, and spread their value.

Zomentum says that it started selling its products in January 2020, and has clients across four continents today. The firm has achieved 40% monthly growth over the six months of 2020.

On Wednesday Zomentum announced that it has raised $4.1 million in a seed round of funding from Accel and SAIF Partners. With this financial support, the MSP (managed service provider) sales software startup said it plans to speed up product development, build a global world-class team, and scale in multiple geographies.

Shruti Ghatge, Co-founder and CEO of Zomentum, said, “Our efforts are now concentrated on accelerating GTM (go-to-market) and building sales/marketing/product pipelines around that,” Shruti Ghatge.

 Partner in Accel India- Shekhar kirani said, “We are excited about Shruti and Rahil, who have spent more than 18 months studying the market, and starting Zomentum with a singular focus in making the IT partner ecosystem thrive and scale with a modern toolset,”

 Alok Goel, Managing Director at SAIF Partners said that, “The IT partners establish deep and rich relationships with the B2B customer set. They are the route to market for various products and services to reach many businesses across the world. Zomentum is focusing on building a best-in-class product for making these IT partners successful.”


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