Leena and Nikita Jain became homebakers, and floated their homegrown bakery brand Yummy Delytzz.


Hailing from a small town in Odisha i.e. Baripada, Leena and Nikita Jain became homebakers, and floated their homegrown bakery brand Yummy Delytzz.

Nikita, armed with an MBA degree from MPC Autonomous college, Baripada and Leena with BSc degree from Assam, are now a name to recognize, in Baripada in Orissa. In their own words they describe their venture Yummy Delytzz as anything to do with the sweet tooth; chocolates, tarts, cookies, mousse, brownies, cupcakes, royal icing cookies, cakesciles, whipped cream, butter cream, they all come under the single roof of Yummy Delytzz. On being asked about the service, Leena jain says they take both online and offline orders. Their client base is not just up to Baripada but a lot of people who see them through their Instagram handle also orders through their relatives in Baripada. There is no website of ours but with a strong word-of-mouth publicity, and an active Instagram handle, orders have indeed been plentiful. Nikita tells that her family wanted them to do every stuff from home and they abided by that. While her friends and clients has always asked her and requested to open her own café, but she says she likes to be a home baker.

Where does all the Raw Materials come from?

Both Nikita and Leena are doing very good and every raw material they use in their business are brought from Kolkata which is just 4 hours away from Baripada. They visit Kolkata once in a month to bring in all the things they require. Nikita says they purchase tetra packs of whip creams which she has to work out and use as per the quantity required.

Who was their inspiration?

They were quite vocal about their inspiration, i.e. Nikita’s elder sister Ankita. Ankita did a professional course from Kolkata and started baking and teaching Nikita and Leena at home. They say, they learnt a lot from Ankita and are still learning. They also watch various things on social media and search about new things from the internet and love the art of baking. Nikita started the work three years ago and Leena started working two years ago after coming to Baripada after her Marriage.

Leena & Nikita Jain Yummy Delytzz, Image Source BB Media Network

Yummy Delytzz, the story of deliciousness

Nikita shares a funny incident on how it was named. Nikita and her sister were busy in shifting once. And their uncle was asking them to name their bakery something. Day after that, when they baked a cupcake. Suddenly their little brother described that as yummy. So it stuck into their head and they got a name “Yummy Delytzz”. She and her sister both shares the same brand name. They share the names and ways of different types of bakery items. Leena says they make everything what customer likes and they try to include as many flavors as they can. Nikita also says that they make different items like jars and all that was quite new in Baripada. They both keep on adding new items every day. While chocolate ruffle is the favorite item of both of them, Leena says she would rate the fruit cake a little bit higher. Chocolate ruffle and chocolate cake are the most selling items in Baripada while Nikita shares that people love their brownies too but chocolate is loved by all. Some customers who don’t like chocolate, they try their black current and black forest. Describing their funding for their bakery, they say that this is their only source of income. And the money they earn, they try to save it and distribute accordingly. On being asked about the most inventive cake, Nikita says that the two recipes of Mango Tart and Fuzzy Brownie cake by chef Ruhi Bimani was improvised with some more things by her and Leena was liked by everyone who tasted it. They do have a delivery boy in their team and a maid who does the clean up job but the baking part is carried out by Nikita and Leena only

. Baripada is a small town but it does have two delivery service where Yummy Delytzz is associated with i.e. Hungrytin and BDP. They have started working with them since the last two months. Leena says more customers prefer to take orders from their home only. Talking about the effects of Covid-19 on their business, they shared that they didn’t take any kind of orders till the lockdown got lifted in Baripada. They started their work only for the occasion of mother’s day.

Cake by Yummy Delytzz, Image Source BB Media Network

Whom does they follow?

They are connected to a lot of home bakers across the country and communities on facebook where they learn and attend online events etc. They learn a lot of new designs from different pages and youtube channels. Customers are also a source of innovation for both of them as they suggest them to try various items. They learnt some basic things from Ankita, their sister but they are following youtube channels and also learning some things professionally Nikita and Leena both have their family’s support and they both started by hobby but got into love for the art of baking. They shared that for mother’s day they had to deliver 15 orders per day but sometimes they do not have orders but are okay with it. As a home baker, they ask people to order 1-2 days before. They are mostly into customised order and their different designs are quite famous in Baripada like cricket, couple, babyshower, pubg etc.

Future Plans to make it big

They want to expand to different states. Right now they are operating in Ahmedabad and Baripada. They have future plans to expand their brand to other parts through different service models. It’s a small business but she says the scope is vast in Baripada as it’s a developing town. In the start it was difficult to learn. Nikita says, “Practice makes a person perfect”.

Leena and Nikita shares “we make hampers too which included bakery items and other fancy stuffs too according to the theme and customer demands. Other than hampers the bakery stuffs we bake are cake jars, cookies, mousse, brownies, chocolate pops, handmade chocolates, cupcakes, customised cupcakes, tarts, royal icing cookies, Cakesicles and customised cakes of fondant, whipped cream, buttercream, and chocolate truffle. I have taken classes from professional bakers – Ruhee Bhimani, Manju Sethia, Joonitan else than that we self-learnt many things in baking and this is the only key which keeps us exploring new desserts.”

But running a home bakery, you need to invite clients and build some key relationships so that they can understand customer’s demand!

The story may reappear in E-magazine of Budding Beats India Edition June 2020


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