“ When the Wright brothers wanted to fly, everybody laughed at them”: Rahul Duhlani’s extraordinary alkaline water biz.

extraordinary alkaline water with rahul

Extraordinary alkaline water, Mumbai based Rahul Duhlani has clear foresight into business ventures, unlike any other 21 year old, “…Soon I will become 22 this July”, he chips in sounding elated. His venture with a Japanese based water ionising company called ‘Enagic Kangen’ as a global distributor, has impacted his life so much, that he decided to take it upon himself to impart the same knowledge to others about leading a healthy life through his alkaline water venture. Originally Kangen purifiers (a machine) was developed for hospitals in Japan, and it had contributed to the health of it’s users. Later a business model was developed due to popular demand, distributors were roped in, and the product was delivered after placing orders directly from the company.

“ Though I have always been a good student, I was never a topper who scored 97 percent or something. I get a 90, and am content. Marks are not the only determinants of capabilities in life”, Duhlani suggests wisely. “But luckily my parents don’t put any pressure on me”, blessed with a large family, Duhlani goes on to add how he draws inspiration from both his grandfathers, and his father who have undergone immense pain and had difficult memories of partition.

Duhlani derives his motivation from the fact that he is driven about his projects. He understands the benefits of maintaining a good health, and the costs that can add up if one neglected health; it is evident from the way he markets his product. This dual process has laid the path to success for him personally. “If am motivated to do something then I do it, I need to be passionate about things about doing it. If you don’t like your work then, it will create stress. This goes for anybody, and not just young entrepreneurs”. Passion, he believes, is a very crucial element to reach heights. You can achieve anything if you are passionate.

Rahul Duhlani ( File Photo) Source: BB Media Network

The story of CarWale, and sports as a great equaliser :

“Am passionate about football, everyone should have one sport that they like, as it becomes a very good common ground to be social, where it doesn’t matter where you come from, or what your background is like” says Duhlani. He gives an example of the founder of CarWale, who are currently expanding on a large scale in India. Having watched his interview, Duhlani shares how their entire office plays volley ball in the afternoon. And how their office staff called ‘Chotu’, is made the captain, since he was too good at the game. One day the boss arrived late for game, and he didn’t play well, then the office staff boy directly just told him, sir if you aren’t going to improve your game then don’t be on my team. Later you still found him going about his odd jobs in the office. So sports are a great equalizer.

Duhlani graduated from HR College, Mumbai where he completed his Bachelors in Accounts & Finance, he has a strong finance background, and is currently pursuing a Masters in commerce, from Mumbai University. He also has ambitions to pursue a second Masters in entrepreneurship and innovation in the future. Before the CoVID-19 pandemic began he had plans to apply for Masters abroad, but now that has got shelved. “My plans are in the air now, seeing the situation worldwide, it isn’t really possible. It doesn’t make sense now, maybe I can try the same next year, when I have more clarity on the situation”, he says sounding hopeful.

Duhlani’s family comes from Sindh, and his ancestors migrated during the partition. He says, “Both my grandfathers were younger than me when they had to flee the place. They had a huge responsibility on their head.”. He adds, “because of partition, they came with no money, slowly they built everything, and now they have an empire. My grandfathers slept in refugee camps, accompanied by their wives they had nowhere else to go’. My paternal grandfather who traded in biscuits, saved peny after penny to be able raise his own factory. Thus, they started from ground zero and reached heights thereafter. They had to even raise 10 children, and marry off 5 of their daughters. That inspires me; they had no opportunity, but I have plenty of opportunity. I can talk to someone in the States right now in seconds! When they had to communicate, they had to send telegrams, and very many slow methods to actually communicate. Today if I want to connect with a client abroad, I can send him a mail, I can connect with people so easily. If they can go through that, then I can do much more, you see”. His inspiration is his family, his father, both his grandfathers, his Nani (maternal grandmother) as well. “A couple of months ago, I got to know, how they survived in a single room after crossing over to India’. So they inspire me, I feel like I draw my inspiration from them, and plus ‘Shark tank’”. Shark tank happens to be a business show, and his real life inspirations are Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, among others. He understands that these guys have had their own ups and downs, and he wishes to learn about their decision making abilities.

Enagic Kangen and it’s potential:

Kangen Water Purifier for Alkaline Water.

It is alkaline ionized water that the machine produces, which means it has a PH level above seven. Our bodies are supposed to be alkaline, and we survive best when our body is slightly alkaline. But somehow the food we eat, the water we are currently drinking are on the acidic side, so our bodies are starting to get more acidic. To control that, your body starts drawing calcium and other vitamins to balance the body PH. Your body doesn’t function to its optimum, if it is constantly acidic. Our bodies are like formula 1 car. We are on the highest wrung of evolution chain, you cannot use normal petrol in a Ferrari car. In fact forget petrol, we are putting cheap oils into our bodies, so a normal Ferrari, if you want to drive it, you have to go to those few select petrol pumps, to get those kind of special fuel. In our case too, we would slow down, diseases will attack, we have to keep going to hospital and our expenses rise.

So normal water, or RO water is not helpful. Kangen water is the best option, period! There are three main properties that Kangen has, which makes it indispensable, and is superior to all other waters. Kangen water has antioxidants, they help you to curb free radicals which cause aging, and inflammation. It keeps your body healthy from within. Our Water is alkaline, and it helps to balancing body PH. This water has micro-clusters, it helps in hydrating body that helps in better removal of toxins, and regulates the body temperature.

There is a lot of chlorine in our water, which is destructive for our body. There are five kinds of settings for water- there is neutral 7 PH water along with three other settings, there is a strong 2.5 PH water that acts as disinfectant and is 101% chemical free. Then there is 6.0 PH, which acts as a toner. Finally an 11.5 PH for cleaning vegetables that have pesticides and insecticides sprayed on them. RO removes minerals and does not remove Chlorine, whereas Kangen removes Cholrine and not mineral”.

Kangen Water Purifier for Alkaline Water. Image Source : BB Media Network

Effect of the CoVID-19 pandemic lockdown:

“Our sales have been both positive and negative; even if there is demand, there is no delivery that can happen. Even if delivery can happen, then people are scared to receive it, and also people’s purchasing power has also gone down, so sales have reduced. But on flipside, health has become important, and we are in the health business. Kangen will get highlighted in India, in the coming years just as these machines have been in huge demand globally”. However, he has successfully been able to shift his demonstrations to potential customers online these days, and he sees this as a good step.

Also CoVid -19 lockdown has cut away socializing, so he feels there is plenty of time to focus on business. He narrates how they had a positive case of Corona in their building, way before the lockdown happened, and they had to stay shut inside their home for long. He believes it wasn’t bad, and even in times of crisis, he has tried his best to be there for their existing customers. Luckily no one had any major issues. Having a source of income during this time is a big blessing because many are struggling to fix a meal even.

One real challenge he had to face before CoVID-19 struck , was awareness, “Laymen don’t know about the water they are currently drinking, and the price of product matters a lot in India”. In India if products are even slightly expensive, then many will do without it.” “I have done my maths, and it is rather expensive not to buy this product than to purchase it now, in the long run”, he says confidently.
It’s health aspect makes it extremely important, specially in these troubled times.

Luck, sale, product visibility:

Duhlani finished his research by October, on the product, and by second week of November of last year, he began to approach people. Many promised to buy and others kept dilly dallying. Field job is a very different ball game altogether. He narrates, “I was at a restaurant, we were eating lunch, then a lady walks up to me and starts speaking about the product I was holding in my hand. She was the owner of the restaurant, and she had heard about the product earlier but she wasn’t exactly sure of purchasing it. Then I told her all that I had researched, and she gave me her contact. Day after, I met her and explained the whole concept to her. Immediately she purchased my machine. It really lifted my spirits. She is very happy with it”, Duhlani says excitedly . “She is even planning to buy one for the restaurant”, adding more he says, “this product is profitable/beneficial for restaurants as well”. He makes it a point to give his clients goodies. ‘In fact, I spend so much time (this lockdown) putting company stickers on the bottles, which I gift them; we got 2000 bottles (spray bottles, water bottles). Because, business works on visibility, it is dependent on advertisement, and to somehow spread the message to everybody creatively”, he explains.

Mantra in Life:

“Every individual has potential within themself; shift your focus to important things, don’t chase money, chase vision. Have long-term plans; align your short- term goals, with your long term goals.”
In sports you have to be consistent, week in and week out daily. In a job, you have to perform or you will be fired. Every field needs you to be consistent, except in entrepreneurship, you don’t have to be consistent, with business ideas. You can have 99 failed ideas, but have just 1 good idea, and that can change everything. If it clicks, it changes your life. I joined Kangen after my 1000 ideas fell flat. You need to have the passion, the drive. If you are motivated enough, you will put in the required effort”.

“ People laughed at Wright brothers since they wanted to fly. You need to start somewhere. It’s all about one’s mindset, if you don’t take the first step, you will not be able to reach the final hundredth step for success”. Emphasizing upon his company’s motto, Duhlani highly recommends to all ‘change your water, change your life’.

Story may appear in Budding Beats India Print Edition of May 2020 issue



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