Textile manufacturing- fixing during the crisis.

Source: Fibre2fashion.com

Accepting new norms and accepting it’s going to stay here is perhaps the first thing that anybody will simply tell us that unless you accept I don’t think we’re ready to look out at the solution.

If you look at the entire world while the economy is beaten up, there is another thing we all are facing, everybody is working from home and again those are different connotations, for a technology company which has a great IFT infrastructure you can say the productivity is close to normal but however you talk about India’s textile and apparel industry it is in a crisis and needs fixing. The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) has partnered with the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) to publish new guidance material for members on how to implement occupational health and safety measures to protect garment  workers during Covid-19 after Central has ease lockdown despite record new cases.

The measures include 24-hour sanitation of premises, temperature check of all employees twice daily, providing face shields, masks & PPEs, creating physical distancing by erecting barriers on work floors and dining facilities, and ensuring no sharing of tools among ourselves, the buyers have started doing online inspections in factories.

Sanjana Kandwal


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