Shanti Devi: India’s first ‘Sturdy’ Mechanical Woman


“ Work defines same for man or woman”

This well made lady has set revelation beyond belief. This 60 year old compassionate lady dutifully works at Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, which is termed as Asia’s Largest Trucking Stop Over point, with hundreds of trucks parked and about 20,000 trucks passing every day. The incredibly astonishing  Shanti Devi has studied only till 2nd standard and now gives stimulating educational speeches at Schools and Colleges.

Earlier, she executed stitching handiwork and later on commence a tea shop, from where she accumulated money and effectually instated in startup for Tyre Repairing work. She ,self determinedly repairs 10-15 hefty tyres per day. This maverick lady always kept her belief intact and worked jointly with her most supportive husband.

This unconventional woman had set staggering admiration for each one of us stating that” Work is work, either carried out by a man or a woman, is strongly a matter of interest and dedication “. Her individualistic thoughts has proven that ‘anything done with utmost commitment, gradually surpasses fruition’.



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