Munching Healthy with Sachin Sahni

To all the people, addicted to binge- watching and hogging snacks all the time; what if you get to know that you can now do the same without worrying about the needle moving rightwards in the weighing machine? Well, you got  yourself on the right platform today.      

Sachin Sahni, a Lucknow based businessman, working in the wellness and fitness industry for  a decade came up with an idea of healthy and tasty snacking named “Super Food Products” 2 years back in April 2018.

Besides, adding health and happiness to people’s lives by providing fitness counseling, diets and gyms; he thought of adding one more feather to the company’s hat by adding some products to the bucket list.

The main idea is to work  on their customer’s USP and focusing  on the obese and diabetic people.

When asked for why they came up with the name Keeros, he shared  that he didn’t want  to go for a generic name, he wanted a name that would be easy to remember and should sound like an international brand, because his aim is to make Keeros an international brand in the future.

Initially, like every business, they also faced challenges like launching the product,  reaching out to customers and increase their reach in the market, and  also in funding due to limited options.

He also shared his fitness mantra, of  working out 5 times a week for at least 40 mins to 1 hour, eating healthy, and never letting  the weight go up.

Sachin Sahni also shared a message for the future entrepreneurs to  look forward to  what you love and aim ,about, something you are passionate about and not blindly following the trends.

Sanjana Kandwal


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