Lockdown unable to take over Cosmetics

source: economic times

Cosmetics are a daily need for all. It plays an integral role in every person’s life as it keeps them satisfied and hygienic. There is a range of products used for body, skin and personal care. No person compromises with their daily needs. Be it makeup or body lotion.

Personal grooming is a part of every individual which has resulted in boosting the industry during the lockdown. There was a tremendous change in the sales as everyone was at home either applying makeup or pampering themselves. There were many makeup artists who started online classes for makeup, which required buying the products often to avoid it from going out of stock.

Due to the rising preference for specialized products like Organic, Herbal and Ayurvedic, the market continued to grow healthily. Color cosmetics, perfumes, specialized skin treatments and makeup cosmetics were the main areas that were expected to grow. The lockdown did not affect the business as it was a necessity for everyone.      


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