IPS Vaibhav Vikas: Redefining ‘Philanthropy


When it comes to professional integrity, I always remember  to place it in a paramount position and priority”

The stark truth of the most assured IPS Officer ‘Vaibhav Vikas’ is not to “dismantle hope”. The most multitalented officer, who has the background from IIT, undoubtedly justified with his passion and profession in an optimistic manner. In childhood, he had interest both in History and Science. So, he brilliantly chased Science further and kept History as a passion. The Bihar’s celebrated IPS Officer’s Blog named ‘Silent Pages’ has procured immense fan following. He always keeps his confidence intact while moving on constructively without fearing the consequences. He was also felicitated with the “Satyendra K Dubey” Award by IIT, which indeed is counted as his biggest achievement and has always motivated him further for attaining integrity among all.

“Satyendra K Dubey” Award by IIT ,File Photo. Image Source : Twitter.com and BB Media Network

Since his education days, he has always craved to achieve greatness in his life. He also assembled ‘Lok Samvad’, an open Police Public meeting to bridge the gap between citizen and the police, conducting discussions on connective issues. He is currently serving as “DIG, ATS, Bihar in Patna”, previously served in Patna, Bagaha, Rohtas and Darbhanga districts of Bihar and as SP, NIA, Delhi. This officer’s resolved honesty and professional integrity have always procured citizen’s heart. He had heroically trounced Maoists in their dens and liberated the Rohtas Fort from their clasp. He was also dedicated crossroads after his name, in a village named Samarkola.The stories of his resolute courage and determination aimed vision in the land of knowledge, out settling every barrier and gave rise to the spirit of entrepreneurship. His scholarly words stated that “In life you have to lead decisions and with every decision made, lies consequences which need to be overcome with zealous application” enlightening youth for right choices in order to secure “Settled life”.  


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