India’s youngest App Developers: Shravan Kumaran And Sanjay Kumaran

Go dimensions started in 2012 by India’s youngest  brother-duo leaders, Shravan and Sanjay. Shravan being elder brother is president and co founder of the conpany and sanjay is CEO and co founder.Both the brothers have been developing apps for both Android and other OS applications and are recognized as the youngest Mobile Application Programmers in India and one among the youngest in the world. Main purpose behind their idea is that majority of the whole world should be using their app and they have veen successful in making 12 apps which offer solutions to some of the most challenging social problems in India.

Applications of four different types have been launched by the brothers which includes Prayer Planet, Colour Palette, Alphabet board, Catch Me Cop, which can be used on apple and Google Play Store. They are also working on the app ‘Emergency Boat’, which helps in connecting with 6 different emergency contacts in emergency situations.The apps have received more than 70,000 downloads from over 53 different countries.

Going on other ways, the brothers have also created their own Virtual Reality device and named is as GoVR, with which Virtual Reality can be experienced by using the headset and by placing the phone on it. Certain virtual reality products are available in the market at a very high price, the device developed by these brothers is cost effective and cheaper than other available devices.

Their success stories  have been featured in many Indian and International magazines. They have been awarded as the Young Achievers of Digital India by CNN-IBN & CISCO in the year 2016. Both of them are awarded by many different awards naming:

• Both have won the Rotary Club Entrepreneur of the year award for the year 2012.

• CII Chandigarh has also awarded the brothers with Young Achievers Award.

• IKMC has awarded then with the Lightning Pitch award.

• HR Infotech Association has awarded them as the IT person Award.

• The brothers were recognized as one of Top 100 Tech Indians among the big wigs of the industry by the exhibit magazine, in their anniversary issue.

• The brothers have made it in 30 Under 30 Asia list.

Looking towards their bright future, Their aim is to build the thinnest and the fastest tablet at a very affordable rate for the rural people meant to help for their development. They are also working on another project GoMap, which is a very powerful app that displays map and which can give information about the Live Traffic and Pollution. They are also working on GoCard, facilitating mobile cards for Birthdays and Anniversaries.They are in the middle of developing robots which would help the visually impaired by providing navigation by using their phones. They have set up a vision that in the next few years, most of the smartphones being used world-wide should have their company’s applications running on the handsets.


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