How this small town Home baker Lekhna’s ride reaches worth zero to Million.


Stories that sparkles mind, Lekhna has been a meritorious student in her school days, her father wanted her to be a homely girl , but taking forward her interest in cooking she has made several research in baking during her school days.

After doing her Bcom she knew that her hobby can land her to be in the profession of baking and she flew to Bangalore for a short term course in Baking.

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That life changing incident excited her to start the baking Business Professionally, and she took a chance. A chance of flying high

” I remember the day when I got the first order for a Cup cake and I was paid for that ” that moment made me think, and opened my path towards this baking Business and landed up this beautiful name called, Blissfulbites ” She says .

Hailing from a orthodox Family of Bhadrawati Karnataka, Lekhna has been a state level table tennis and badminton player. keeping everything aside that was a painful moment when she had to give up from sports she adds.

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While asking about new Entrepreneurs she says ” If you believe to do something, start it now don’t let tomorrow come “

This story will appear in Budding Beats India E-magazine Edition of June 2020 issue. To read the complete story you need to have a BB Subscription.



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