Growing through Patience: Harish Khan

Psychology says: When you focus on problems, you will have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, then you will have more opportunities. Harish Khan, who belongs from Kota, Rajasthan proves the statement by sharing his wonderful journey below.

A B. Com graduate from Kota University, after  facing a lot of struggle in corporate jobs, thought of starting an e-commerce enterprise with his elder brother at his house, named SH. Later, they started their own manufacturing company. Their enterprise has tie ups with Amazon as well as other e-commerce websites such as Club Factory and Paytm. 

SH enterprise works in creating stickers of all types specifically current trends. The first type of  sticker which brought recognition to their enterprise was a calligraphy sticker, they also created Indian God stickers, which was also a hit.

Selling stickers and coming up with a new idea of creating and selling inexpensive switch board stickers,  gave a boost to their business  and now, their enterprise stands No.3 in Kota.

The enterprise has a total of 8 team members and before the lockdown they also started manufacturing  mobile covers. But with success, comes struggle too. Alike, this enterprise also faced challenges which, Harish told were usual every year during the month of June-July,  creating  problem to fulfil the salary of the team and other expenses such as electricity bills, shop rent, etc. But with an undaunt attitude, what can stop you from haul success.  

When asked about his future plans, he shared his idea of looking forward to increasing his business and  create a new and spacious office. With the effect of covid-19 on the business, he aims to start manufacturing of sanitizers and masks. He also shared a message for people who are looking forward to start their own career in e-commerce that the success won’t  come in the beginning, one needs to be patient and the success will be achieved with time.

Divya Malhotra


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