FoxHog Ventures Corp identified Cranes Varsity as a knowledge Partner for their educational wing Foxhog Academy.

FoxHog Ventures Corp announced Cranes Varsity (A Division of Cranes Software International Ltd ) as a knowledge Partner for their educational wing Foxhog Academy. FOX Academy is a private organization founded in the middle of 2019. Fox Hog Academy is one of the three verticals of Fox Hog Ventures Corporation, California USA, and India

Cranes Varsity is a pioneer in Technical Training & Education services in EMBEDDED, IoT, VLSI, DSP & WEB TECHNOLOGIES with over 20 years of acclaimed expertise. They have well established long term relationships as a trusted training partner with more than 5000 reputed organizations in the domains of Academia, Corporate and Defence.

Cranes Varsity has also extended their training domains to emerging industry trends Automotive, IoT & Data Science.

Team at Cranes Varsity : 

Mr.Kareem Irfan – CEO Global Businesses, Cranes Software International Ltd,  

Ms.Arpita Mitra – Vice President, Cranes Varsity

Both Foxhog Academy & Cranes Varsity, will build a tech forum to bring in engineering graduates and help engineering students to build their skills through various courses (both for placement and higher education). 

Mr.Kareem Irfan – CEO Global Businesses, CSIL
Ms.Arpita Mitra – Vice President , Cranes Varsity , A division of Cranes Varsity International Ltd

FoxHog Ventures Corp’s Founder says that, “We strongly believe Cranes Varsity will add tremendous value to our students through its various programs. We together help Graduate Students build a strong career in the Core domain in line with their Career Ambitions, be it for skill enhancement or Placements”.



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