Chai Sutta Bar – The inspirational journey of a youngster

Anubhav Dubey,Image copy. Image source : BB Media Network

Any gathering is incomplete without a cup of ‘Chai‘, as it is viewed one of the most fundamental beverages in India. Regardless of whether you need it for an easygoing social gathering, or just tea-time breaks during your office hours, Chai is again a need to keep your psychological dynamic functional throughout the day. Chai Sutta Bar is a novel idea for serving Indian conventional tea on the bar, started in 2016 at Indore by a youthful business visionary, in particular Anubhav Dubey. He was only 22 years of age when he was getting ready for the UPSC exams and hit with a thought for opening his new venture. 

Story may appear in Budding Beats Magazine India Print Edition of May 2020 issue


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