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About Prakriti Poddar

Prakriti Poddar is the Managing Director at Mind Over Image Consulting. As she wanted to make it big in the field of psychology from the very beginning, she started her own venture as early as in her 20s, while she was in Canada.

When she returned to India in 2002, she found that people were not ready to talk about mental health in the country very seriously back then. There was still a stigma attached to it. Therefore, she had to camouflage her motive. She began to assist companies in tackling organizational behavior at first. This was more like training and development of the workforce to set their work-life balance straight. This work was a very distilled version of what she already had been doing in Canada

She observed that people were quite satisfied with the workshops, and started coming out happier, taking mental health seriously. This is exactly what Poddar foundation does. Schools, teachers, and youth are trained. They have tie-ups with various schools countrywide including the Chandigarh administration.

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