A star was born in Hazaribagh : actor Madhushree’s inspiring tale.

spiring tale with madhu

Inspiring tale, Hailing from Mukundganj, Hazaribagh of Jharkhand province, Madhushree has faced a lot of struggle to reach where she is today. She completed her schooling from Holy Cross School in Hazaribagh, thereafter she went to Ambikapur in Chhatisgarh, to complete her graduation alongside working at a hospital. Her mother’s deteriorating health conditions compelled her to leave behind her graduation studies, but later she finished the same through distance learning from Hazaribagh, after a year.

Since her childhood, Madhushree was very passionate about dancing, and wanted to pursue it as a career. Born and brought up in a middle class family, she was expected to have a real job and thus, her career in dance remained a dream, but only for a while. One day she asked her mother about a reality show, Dance India Dance (DID) and expressed her interest in performing in it. However, her mother believed that dancing needs a lot of money for grooming and training, and the cost of her passion was too high. Madhushree was convinced and started finding a job. One day she went for an interview in an English medium school in Hazaribagh, for the job of an accountant. But her inability to speak English in the interview nullified her chances of working there as an accountant, but she managed to get a job of assistant to the manager.

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During that time, she auditioned for DID Season 4 which was on-going in Ranchi. Unable to resist herself, Madhushree filled the form and went to give the audition. However, she could not perform well and got rejected. A trainer there advised her something that hit her hard. ” You need to catch the beat, without it you can never be a dancer”, his words resonated with her. After one and a half month, she again went for auditioning at Kolkata, after a lot of self-practice but she lost again. Students of famous choreographers such as Ganesh Acharya and Saroj Khan, were competing in there, and it made her feel that DID was now beyond her reach. Madhushree realised that she needs a good teacher to learn dancing from. After returning back to her hometown, she secretively got a dance tutor for herself. She kept this bit away from her family. After working long hours at her job she attended dance classes. Having trouble to manage such a tough regime she gave this up. At a later time, her dance tutor called her and told her about a play on ‘Shaheed Diwas’, which they were going to perform in Gaya, Bihar. Already a team was ready but her teacher asked her to accompany. Least interested in acting, she went there just to accompany the team for one day.

Madhushree was surprised to see around 1.5 lakh people that had gathered at Gandhi Maidan, Gaya, to watch the play. She panicked after seeing such a huge crowd. But things took a turn, which changed her life for good. The girl who was supposed to play the role of a muddle headed lady, had hurt herself badly before the play. Unable to find a replacement, the dance tutor asked Madhu to become their substitute. Madhu possessed very little knowledge about acting; at first she was rather hesitant, but later agreed to act since the dialogue were going to be delivered by someone else backstage. Her entry was towards the end, but she played her part really well. Interestingly, the crowd enjoyed her role the most. A judge, who was also a theatre artist, appreciated her acting and asked her to come to Mumbai to try her luck there.
Being a girl from a very simple and humble background, she never cared to hone her skills during college days, and believed that acting was not her cup of tea. She continued her job in the school and due to the ever mounting work load, she gave up her dance classes even.

Beginning of a new dawn:

One day she received a call from her friend who was in the same dancing class with her. She told her about a film that they were doing and offered her to dance on an item song in the film. She was quite happy but things did not go her way. Due to lack of boldness and proper physique she was rejected. She got disheartened and stopped attending her dance classes even. But after few days she got an offer to become the second lead actress in a film. The film was supposed to be released in Jharkhand. She took a leave of 15 days from her job by lying that she is suffering from malaria and completed her shoot without telling anyone in the family.

After a year the film was edited and banners were put up everywhere for promotions. The banner came to the notice of her uncle, and he confirmed with her cousin if it was her. They were completely shocked, even her own family was in a shock. There was too much chaos after her family came to know of her little adventure. Her mom refused to talk to her for a week. At her workplace in the school, upon learning about her engagements, they asked her to quit job, because she could not work at both the places at the same time. The principal assured her that she could join back whenever she wanted, but asked her to focus on acting.
After few days she moved to Ranchi and started working there temporarily. Eventually, Madhushree decided to go to Mumbai, and her friend suggested that she should try her luck there. But before leaving for Mumbai, she met her mother and lied to her about being away for few months, for work. On 26th Aug, 2016 she left for her destination, and getting there there she revealed her plans to her mother.

Real Trouble begins.

In Mumbai, she realised that she had very little money to survive, with no grooming skills, and also she had no good dresses to wear for her interviews. Her friend Pravat, who was already living in Mumbai, was a blessing in disguise for her as he helped her to settle down in a PG, and even bought dresses and a make-up kit, as she had no money left after two months of survival in the city. Pravat taught Madhushree a very important thing i.e. in Mumbai, it’s you who have to approach people for getting anything. Pravat advised her to look for roles in Crime Patrol , a television series as those were easier roles to get during that period. But she had her own struggles. With a different lifestyle, and a very different accent, she faced a lot of difficulty in getting her footing in the industry. However, she succeeded in getting a break through with ‘Crime Patrol’ and then ‘Savitri Bai Phoole’. Appreciation and publicity came her way, when her debut movie in Jharkhand ‘Kaun Ho Tum’ became an instant hit. She received a lot of of appreciation and wishes of people back home, which also helped her in the long run. Then she appeared in web series like Graveyard, Dr. Bengali, Munni with Sheela and Life in a Metro. Tables turned around when a guy who saw her acting as a supporting actor, in a Bhojpuri movie, appreciated her acting on the set and surprisingly offered her a lead role in a movie named ‘Chaat maa ka ashirwad’.

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While narrating about her next project, she tells that on a day when she was very upset about being rejected for a TV serial, opportunity knocked at her door, when a producer who had worked with celebrities like Shakti Kapoor and Aditya Pancholi, asked his casting director to stop and bring her to his office. He offered her a role in an upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Manjdhaar’, which happens to be the third movie of both the actress and the producer. She also played supporting roles in movies like ‘Khoonas’ and Pyar se bolo Deva, which got released in the years 2020 and 2019 respectively.
About her upcoming projects, Madhushree says she is very excited about her upcoming movies like ‘Manjdhaar’ and ‘Ye Bandhan Janam Janamke’. While she will also be featuring in a music album ‘RT Dhun’. An actress who never denies to take up any challenging role, she is also going to be a part of lots of upcoming web series. Today her family is very proud of her success, and they try to support her at every step.

Although the current CoVID-19 lockdown has affected her work, she chooses to look at the positive side of things. She says she is learning something new everyday. A positive outcome about CoVID-19 is, that it is a blessing for our Mother Earth as pollution levels have noticeably reduced. She also recommend everybody to look at brighter side of things, and shed negativity’ .

Story may appear in Budding Beats Magazine India Print Edition of May 2020 issue

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