A small town girl making it big at Ahmedabad


Hailing from a small town of Baripada Orissa, Ankita was meant for a different course in life. After a Bachelor’s degree from Calcutta university she even did a CS(company secretary)course, other than some basic training course from an acquaintance, who had contacted her.

Ankita is 29 years old and calls herself a home baker. She has carved out a special place in the heart of the customers.

Journey of Yummy Delights-

Ankita never planned to be a part of this Baking profession. Most of her learning are self taught. It was actually when she started her classes that her students encouraged her and supported her skills as a good teacher and even wanted to place orders with her. Since 2009 she is into baking and making her customers happy with delicious recipes. She acquired the skills of baking from Kolkata. She did not pursue any specialization in this but tried to enhance her expertise in baking in her own unique way. She also took help of Professional chefs in Mumbai for the same.

She introduced whipped cream recipes in her town as people had no idea about this.

On being asked about the reason behind this beautiful name, Ankita replied “I prepared a cupcake for my brother randomly and when he took the first bite he couldn’t resist his taste buds and the word word which he spoke was YUMMY! So that is when I decided to keep YUMMY DELIGHTZZ as a name for my startup. Z is used in place of S in order to differentiate it from others.”

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Baking at next level

Ankita is more into baking Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, truffle balls and party décor edible items which includes pudding, swiss roles etc. according to the theme decided by the customer. Apart from that she prepares gift hampers for festivities which consist of confectionery items.

She receives her orders via Instagram but Positive Word of Mouth has a very good impact especially in Ahmedabad on her professional business of baking. Ankita believes that word of mouth is a very powerful tool. If you satisfy the needs of your customers or provide them value added services they are always connected to you and bring more people.

She is working as an One Man Army and does not have a team. She prepares designs and make the delivery for her bakery items. No one was hired for this purpose and everything is managed by her. Coming to the delivery part, she is connected to a team in Ahmedabad who makes home deliveries at a fixed amount. Customers also have an option to pick up from the store itself.

Making an Empire with struggle

Obstacles are always there when you decide to go through a path but all you have to do is focus on your goal. It was very challenging for Ankita as well but her husband supported her. Within 6 months of marriage she started her bakery and is doing really well. She mentions that her in laws are also very supportive.

Moving from Baripada Tier 3 city to Ahmedabad Tier 2 was a good opportunity for Ankita. But with this there was a huge competition which came up. Ankita says “when you move from a smaller place to a larger one there are more challenges which come your way and you have to deal with them. But when I shifted to Ahmedabad I became more confident.”

Being your own angel investor

Ankita started her business with the amount of 10000 which was given by her grandfather. So he was her angel investor. She is an independent women and never asks for financial help even from her family members. That was the first time when she asked for it and now she is giving returns on that investment. The profit that she earns is usually between 30-40K which reflects that she has a good financial position.

The deliciousness

Chocolate truffle is the most popular and delicious cake which is baked by Ankita. It is famous in Baripada as well as Ahmedabad. Not only this particular cake is famous, her mixed fruit cake and rasmalai cakes are also loved by individuals. Nowadays people prefer chocolate more therefore most of her recipes includes chocolate as an ingredient. Her personal favorite is Mixed fruit cake.

When it comes to a new innovation, Ankita has baked a 10kgs Chandelier cake which was a hanging cake. The cake was made for her brother’s wedding. She has never made such a huge cake in her entire career and she was really happy with her work.

Situation After Lockdown

Since the lockdown has been implemented it had positive as well as negative effects on the business. Ankita said that there are not major affects on her business as the profession she is involved into has a good demand. Customers who are linked with her make purchases therefore even in this lockdown period she is earning and satisfying her customers with delightful experiences.

Even when there was mother’s day she was providing services and was occupied for the whole day. It gives her immense pleasure to see her customers smiling.

Inspiring millions of Entrepreneur

There are many things which inspires Ankita. She mostly follows different pages on Instagram. Particularly she admires chef Ranveer Brar, Vikas Gupta. She is not only into baking but also looks for domains when it comes to food. It is her dream to be a part of Masterchef kitchen.

Experience Being a Woman entrepreneur

Ankita says that “Women are very powerful but at the same time they have to go through a lot. With marriage there comes a great responsibility but a women handles everything. When you feel a true passion for something you instinctively find ways to nurture it.”

Ankita has also joined a cricket tournament. She explains that a women is capable of everything. She can involve herself physically and emotionally within relationships and career.

The story may reappear in E-magazine of Budding Beats India Edition June 2020


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